A better way to search through academic literature

Build a network of academic papers based on a paper of your choice and then we analyze the network to find the most relevant literature for you.

Search for the title of a paper to get started.

Start with a paper

Search for a paper you are interested in or import a bib file with the references of a paper you are working on.

Add relevant papers

As you find papers that are interesting, add them to the graph to to help us zero in on your topic, then do it again.

Download your findings

Once you can't find any more relevant papers, import the results into your reference management software.

Find the most relevant literature, faster

The vast majority of academic search engines focus on "importance" (as measured by number of citations) and keyword matching to retrieve their results. They typically show you stats about who the papers cite and who cites those papers.

But there is value and information in the underlying structure that citations provide and it is almost always ignored. Inciteful flips that on its head by making citations the center of it's search process by:

  1. Building a citation network centered around the paper(s) of your choice
  2. Analyzing that network to surface the most interesting data

Each network, and the data within, is unique to your search based on the papers you gave it so you can be sure to get the most relevant results possible.

With Inciteful's unique approach you are presented with not only the most "important" papers in the graph, but also the most similar. This similarity measurement pulls from a class of algorithms called "link prediction" algorithms.

Link prediction algorithms are used most commonly in social networks to suggest people with whom you should be friends. The same concept is applied here but for citations i.e. who we think you might want to cite.

This approach tends to surface more recent literature and helps you zero in on the state of the art more quickly than if you were just looking for the top cited papers.

Inciteful also values flexibility. If at any point you want to query the raw data yourself, there is a SQL interface into each graph.

Over 240,000,000 papers

The Inciteful database has coverage over the majority of academic papers in peer reviewed journals as well as books. Hundreds of thousands more are added every month.

Almost 2 billion citations

We collect citation information from a variety of data sources to ensure as much coverage possible as ciations are the cornerstone of our site.

Built to be flexible

Whether you want to use the pre-defined analyses or you are a power user wanting to explore the data with SQL, Inciteful gives you the tools you need.